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How Do You Do Area

How to calculate the area of a parallelogram. How to calculate the area of a parallelogram. Skip navigation Sign in. Search.. TEDx Talks Recommended for you. 15:04.

First work out the area of the whole circle by substituting the radius of 8cm into the formula for the area of the circle: A = r = 8 = 64 (leave the answer as an exact solution as this need to be divided by 4). So all you need to do now is divide the answer by 4: Area of a quadrant = 64 4 = 16 = 50.3 cm to 3 significant.

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Multiply the length of a rectangle by its width to find its area. For example, if a rectangle has a length of 7 feet and a width of 4 feet, its area is 28 square feet.

To find the area of a circle, you must first find the radius (R), which is equal to 1/2 of the diameter–a line that cuts a circle equally in half. To find the area, multiply the constant pi (a good approximation for this value is 3.14) by the radius squared. So, A = 3.14 x R^2 for circles.

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How to Find Area – Regular Polygons Find the length of a side and the length of the apothem (the line segment perpendicular to a side connecting the middle of a side to the center. Multiply the length of the side by the number of sides to get the perimeter of the polygon (p).

To find the surface area, you need to calculate the area of the circular base and the surface of the cone and add these two together. The formula for surface area of a cone is: SA = *r 2 + *rl, where r is the radius of the circular base, l is the slant height of the cone, and is the mathematical constant pi (3.14).

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